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29 Jan 10:01
Technology Trends 2021 – Fast Forward to 2030

With the second wave of corona, the outlook for 2021 feels more like a leap into 2030. That is how radically the technological landscape – and how we as humans deal with it – has changed and will continue to change. Who would have thought just one year ago, that even financial service providers would introduce homeoffice from one day to the next? And this is not about providing incentives or comfort for employees, but often simply about the very survival of the company.

People and society, as well as the economy and the environment, are therefore more than ever drivers of technology trends. For this reason, Cloudflight is once again establishing a link between the factors this year. Rarely in our history has there been a year in which external circumstances have changed as radically as they have in the past year of the 2020 pandemic. That’s why the acceptance or rejection of certain technologies will change as dramatically as we would otherwise experience over a five to ten-year period. And so – welcome to 2030!

28 Jan 15:01
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drops to $29.9K

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drops to $29.9K While DeFi Hits Record $29B Locked

25 Jan 00:01

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