What is Lutex Ltd.? We are the leading provider in online trading that offers you access to a multitude of opportunities in thousands of financial markets through our intuitive platform.

Our company is the largest trading site that provides an opportunity for owners of various types of businesses to trade and invest making it easy to eliminate existing problems, increase the efficiency and productivity of our customers. We provide a real opportunity to evaluate the strengths of future investments through our detailed platform.

A About Lutex Ltd.

Lutex Ltd. is a global leader in online financial trading and investing, has a rich history of innovation, putting clients at the heart of every decision, an award-winning trading Forex and stocks company, offering investment services and tools for both retail and institutional clients. Through its policy of providing its clients with the best possible conditions for trading and allowing speculators and investors to use expert advisors unfettered access to their liquidity, Lutex Ltd. has positioned itself as the best option for investors around the world. with acceptable levels of risk and consistent value creation in line with investment objectives.

Both our organizational and individual clients can choose from variety of diversified, structured investment plan that meet their investment needs across whole stages in life.

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R registration documents

Director Name : Aaron Parkes
Date of Birth : 17 July 1989

Office Address : 3301 S Market St, Rogers, AR 72758, USA
Owner Address : 3503 W Bishop Dr, Rogers, AR 72756, USA

You can check our company here ( Please use USA ip )

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w why exactly are we
Regulated and dignified relationship.

We maintain a relationship of trust with all our clients

Convenient user platform.

Our platform has received many awards for the best interface

Loyalty to our customers.

We are focused on long-term cooperation with each investor

ue algorithm.

Our unique algorithm guarantees 99.9% investment accuracy

t tariff plans

Lutex Ltd. has 4 plans, select the best suited for you they are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum each with their owned unique perks.

offers an array of plans to choose from. Each one offers the investor different opportunities, and allows you to trade in different ways.

An investment system designed specifically for online investors. To make it easier for you and to reduce administrative expenses and maximize profit.

h How to start

Begin by signing up, you should do a simple registration for your new account you will receive a password do not share this password with anyone as it is the gate to your investments and money, select the best suited plan for you and your strategy.

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New deposit

Deposit your preferred crypto or normal currency with daily grow, Interest is accrued daily. all your deposits are secure and easy to retire.

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Withdrawal of funds

Withdraw your earned dividends at any time convenient for you! Enjoy the resulting profit on your own!

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Get Profit

You decide, as you are in control to invest and the frequency of your payouts is up to you, In minutes, we'll put your investment to work with the world's smartest investors, so you can see your profit grow.

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c cryptocurrency courses
Bitcoin 39650.16
Bitcoin Cash 547.98
ethereum 2642.04
litecoin 143.06
ripple 0.75
eos 4.08
W What exactly are we?

Regulated and trusted. Many clients and organizations trust us, making us one of the most reliable Forex and stock market for investors available right now.

Legal Register Company Our company is officially registered at Office Address: 3301 S Market St, Rogers, AR 72758, USA

User friendly platform Our award-winning platform makes accessible new ways for traders with all ranges of skills from new to expert that grant the user the possibility to have the best analytics and resources at their disposal with easy control.

Committed to our clients We want our clients to stay with us. For this reason, we have built our business around them, so they can get the most out of the trading world. To demonstrate our commitment, we subscribe to the Global Code of Conduct for FX, which sets out a series of good practices in the markets.

State of the art Algorithm Our algorithm can observe trends, follow up with decisions, never offline, reduce errors, process information rapidly and make rational decisions.

c company`s news
New payment system USDT (TRC-20) 2021-06-18 14:12:33 arrow
The new payment system Ripple (XRP) 2021-06-29 20:01:00 arrow
Maintenance 2021-06-30 18:26:48 arrow
Maintenance completed 2021-07-01 11:11:42 arrow
Working in our company should be interesting. It's time to test your luck in the Lutex lottery! 2021-07-26 15:18:08 arrow
New payment system USDT (TRC-20)

Dear investors!
At the last conference a lot of investors asked to add USDT as payment. And now from today we are launching the ability to deposit, open deposits and withdraw funds in USDT via TRON (TRC-20).
A must-read:
Do not deposit to your USDT account via other methods (Omni, ERC-20, BEP20), such transfers will be irrevocably lost. Also please do not make withdrawals to any wallets, which do not belong to TRON network
Regards Lutex Ltd.

The new payment system Ripple (XRP)

Dear investors!
At the request of our investors, today we are adding another payment method, this time it is Ripple (XRP). Also follow our social networks in the near future interesting news will be published.
Sincerely, Lutex Ltd.


Dear investors!
At the moment, the site is undergoing maintenance. In this regard, the possibility of adding funds to the account is temporarily disabled. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.
Sincerely, Lutex Ltd.

Maintenance completed

Dear investors,
The maintenance has been completed, now you can make deposits again in any way convenient for you.
Sincerely, Lutex Ltd.

Working in our company should be interesting. It's time to test your luck in the Lutex lottery!

1)The company Lutex arranges a real cool lottery, as our financial deals were too successful last month, where your prizes are

1. Three Apple AirPods✅

2. Three Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max✅

3. Three Apple MacBooks✅

4. Two Tesla electric cars ❗❗❗✅

2) Terms of the competition:

1. Make the deposit according the plan you want to participate in.

2. Send a request to Lutex e-mail. Pay Attention: indicate your account login, deposit amount, your name and surname, phone number. You will then receive a confirmation email with your participant number and confirmed tariff plan.

3) The deposit, which can be divided into two, three or more tickets, will be divided automatically.

4) You can buy an unlimited number of tickets.

5) The lottery ticket is the minimum amount of the investment plan.( an example 1st tariff plan starting from 10$, so your lottery ticket is 10$)

6) The lottery will be held online and available for everyone to watch.

7) Each investment plan has its own prize:

1. investment plan - 3 Apple Air Pods✅

2. investment plan - 3 Apple iPhone 12Pro Max✅

3. investment plan - 3 Apple MacBook✅

4. investment plan - 2 Tesla electric cars❗❗❗✅

8) The lottery will be held in a month and will be divided into four days. Every day a prize will be drawn. The first drawing will be held according to the first investment plan. The company news

will have a direct link to the live broadcast. Lutex invites everyone to participate and wishes everyone good luck!????????????

Video describing the lottery on our YouTube channel

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